Michele Bianco and Gerard Bianco Jr. have recently launched an online fundraiser in loving memory of Vanessa Bianco (Michele’s daughter, Gerard’s sister). Vanessa was born in 1979, was diagnosed with Bloom’s syndrome before her first birthday, and died of cancer at age 31. This annual fundraiser was established to advance research efforts to improve and extend the lives of persons with Bloom’s syndrome. The 2017 campaign will culminate in a community walk for Bloom’s syndrome awareness on October 1st in Brooklyn, New York. All proceeds will be used to support the mission of the Bloom’s Syndrome Association.

To ensure another successful campaign, please visit the 2017 Bianco Family’s Fundraiser on CrowdRise and donate any amount you can. You’re also welcome to join the fundraising team. Sign up via the campaign page, post a photo, and promote the fundraiser to people you know.

Thanks for your support!