The BSA website is not flashy—by design. Its plainclothes appearance is intended to keep the focus on what’s important: content, communications, and charitable contributions. What is needed, however, is some personality. Perhaps the best and most obvious way to make the website more appealing to first-time visitors is to post some colorful photos on its front door. Consequently, the BSA has this favor to request of its fledgling community: please email us an endearing or otherwise prized photo (current or not) of any consenting family member diagnosed with Bloom syndrome. The BSA will select a variety of photos to frame for public presentation on its homepage, rotating new photos through periodically.

Please note that any photo visible to the public on the homepage will be presented anonymously. Headshots are preferred. Photos not selected for use on the homepage may appear, alternatively, in the general album of the BSA photo gallery. Photos in the general album are visible only to BSA members signed in to the website. When submitting a photo via email, please state clearly whether or not the BSA has your permission to include it in the general album. Please note, too, that BSA members may post to and manage their own photo gallery within their profile.

Submit photo here or, if you have any questions, please contact us.