The tally is nearly complete for the 2016 Bianco Family’s Fundraiser. This year’s online fundraising campaign in memory of Vanessa Bianco and May 22 walkathon in Brooklyn, NY, for Bloom’s syndrome awareness raised more than $20,000 (online and through the mail) for the Bloom’s Syndrome Association.

Last year’s fundraiser was no less successful and enabled the Bloom’s Syndrome Foundation and Bloom’s Syndrome Association to provide travel assistance and/or registration fee waivers to Bloom’s patients and families who attended the recent conference in Seattle.

The Bloom’s Syndrome Association is enormously grateful to Gerard Bianco Jr. and family and their vast network of compassionate friends and colleagues who donate and volunteer so readily and generously to improve the lives of people with Bloom’s syndrome.

Note: if you have not participated in this year’s campaign and would like to add your support, please visit the webpage for the 2016 Bianco Family’s Fundraiser on