About Bloom Syndrome

Care & Management

Health Supervision Recommendations

Currently there is no cure for Bloom syndrome, the current treatments are symptomatic, and the early identification of complications (including cancer) has the potential to improve outcomes.

In 2017, a team of researchers and clinicians with experience in Bloom syndrome developed a set of recommendations to guide supervision of care for those with Bloom syndrome. The BSA strongly encourages you share this paper with your care team and follow the recommendations.


Timeline for screening and prevention­

Recognizing the health supervision recommendations include a number of surveillance tests, we’ve compiled the below visual to show what tests are recommended and at which ages:

Cancer Treatments

If cancer develops, it’s important for your care team to know that Bloom syndrome cancers should be treated differently than cancers in individuals without Bloom syndrome. Check out the Cancer Diagnosis page for more information.


Contact BSA & BSR

  • The BSR has collected information on what information is available regarding cancer treatment protocols and outcomes, and is willing to connect oncologists with others who have experience treating Bloom syndrome cancers. Contact the BSR
  • The BSA is here to support you and wants to understand your experience and any challenges you face in receiving the best care available. Contact the BSA.