For patients and families who may be considering attending this international conference, RECQ2018 will have greater emphasis than RECQ2016 on the mechanisms of aging observed in the progeroid syndromes (which traditionally include Bloom syndrome), with less general attention on Bloom syndrome. To some measure, RECQ2018 is intended to bring balance to the investigation of the RecQ and progeroid syndromes not covered in depth at RECQ2016 (i.e., Werner syndrome, Hutchinson-Gilford progeria, xeroderma pigmentosum, and Cockayne syndrome). While patients and families are ultimately welcome to attend this meeting, the substance will be predominantly technical and no funding for P&F travel assistance is anticipated.

However… more patient- and family-centered educational opportunities for the Bloom syndrome community are coming, including a Bloom syndrome conference in New York (w/name, date, and exact location TBD) and RECQ2019 (reprising the integrated format of RECQ2016, w/date and mid-continental USA location TBD). More information about each of these events will be posted on the BSA website and elsewhere as details emerge.